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The Best Cancer Prevention Strategies among Firefighters

As much as firefighting work is dangerous, there is now concern over how their work exposes them to some deadly diseases. This is after it was seen that too many of them have cancer. There are more deaths due to cancer among them than any other threat.
Their increased risk to contracting and dying from cancer comes from their constant exposure to contaminants in their line of work. In their work of putting out fires, they come close to fire and smoke toxins, which are the first contaminants to hit them. When a fire occurs, there is the release of unburned combustible in the smoke, exhaust for the fire engines, and other hazards like oxidized stainless steel, lead oxide from burning carpets, and such material. When they get into their bodies, they shall wreak havoc on them, cancer being among the worst.

There are several levels through which they can get contaminated. For one, there is direct contact with the hazardous material, which then gets in through their skin. On top of that, there is exposure received from their contaminated equipment, as well when they touch someone who has been contaminated directly. They are also always working in a contaminated place. They will therefore always be near contaminants that keep piling up in their bodies. You can understand how it is there are so highly susceptible to contracting cancer and other chronic and acute diseases.

Such contamination among the firefighters has resulted in them contracting several types of cancer. You will hear of several common types, such as acute myeloid leukemia, melanoma, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, brain cancer, kidney cancers, esophagus cancer, testis cancer, tongue cancer, as well as bladder cancer. This is how bad their futures look like at the moment.

There have been identified some ways to help minimize such exposure and thus arrest the trend. With the institution of these techniques and practices, firefighters can realize decreases in those numbers. One of the important ones is the personal decontamination protocol. Personal decontamination is the process through which they shall completely eliminate the presence of contaminants on themselves. They then have to do decontamination of their equipment, tools, and gear. There are other steps to follow. They also need to decontaminate the fire station. This is where most of their decontamination exercises take place. It therefore also needs to be thoroughly decontaminated, to minimize any chances of there being chemicals or toxins in the area.

You will find different takes on how the decontamination exercises should be done, whether for personal or for equipment and location purposes. There are different levels of effectiveness and efficiency you shall get from them. It is important that you do not lack one of those solutions to work with. You should make a point of getting the right decontamination products and supplies. You can check out this site for some high-quality options.

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