S R.O.

Thinking about? Do you have an idea that you want to implement and do not have the right "channel" through which your idea came to the light of the world? Then this step is the most correct option.

The founding of the company is subject to statutory rules, which can not be circumvented. It is necessary to create documents and acts for the founding of the company, which are the conclusion of the social contract in the form of notarial deed, the composition of corporate capital, acquisition of trade licences (trade certificates, etc.), registration of the company in Register and register the company with the tax authority.

New start of business

The founding of the company is nowadays one of the most used possibilities to start a "level" or "refined" business. The transition from OSVČ to the company S.R.O. is not a short-haul run. You have to count on a lot of bureaucratic obstacles that you can easily handle with a fixed clearance.

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