Radio Impuls-The leader in the world of radios

Radio Impuls-The leader in the world of radios
Radio impulsbroadcasts This excellent show with the sharp questions of Václav Moravce every weekday from Monday to Thursday from sixth to half seventh evening. Convince your ears of truth or lies! Half an hour will be enough to learn what you want to hear!
A radio that surprises you constantly
Evening comfort on Radio Impuls is a matter of course every day from the sixth to the eighth evening! This interesting and calm block is rooted in the news from Czech and foreign affairs! The whole show is moderated by Martin Košík. Let the evening live our broadcasts and relax!
Evening is cool
Radio Impulsje Fabulous! You can listen to the evening broadcast with traffic information, with the theme of the day and with the TV moment with moderator Alexander Hemal, who will tell you what TV shows you can indulge in Czech stations. Each selected show, movie, or series has a distinctive commentary.

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