Inspection of Sewers

The inspection of sewers is now part of the basic package of our services. Our company has been on the Czech market for many years and we dare to argue that it belongs to the best in its field. The monitoring and inspection of various sewer systems is of course not without the latest technological advances, but our company has it.
Sewer inspection

The inspection of sewerage inspection sewers has the task of conducting preventive inspections of the sewer system, which serves to prevent possible accidents, quality control of construction works contractor or can be used as a revision of damage after the accident. The inspection of sewers today is due to modern technologies for available services.

With us you can handle it

If you need to solve the problem regarding waste and sanitation, there is a company that can effectively help you. Just find the right Internet link and your problem will be solved.
There are many problems that you can solve yourself, but at least one yourself does not resolve. The problem is the obstruction of the drain. And here is our company, whose services you can also find on the website and get acquainted with all our activities, which include cleaning and revision of waste.
With us you can handle it
Thanks to modern technology and a specially trained team of people who deal exclusively by cleaning and revising the waste of acanalization, your problem will be solved immediately and well. Now you are not alone in your problem. Contact us and we will take care of your problem comprehensively.

Rent Cottage

Rent Cottage

Do you want to spend a vacation on water? We offer you to spend this year's holiday in a cottage or cottage. We will arrange accommodation in the cottage or in the cottage just by some water reservoir in our country. In the middle of the beautiful nature you can go swimming or take a trip around the area. If you are interested, we are here for you. Rent a cottage-it is only for you.

Rent Cottage

We offer you the rental of chalets or cottages for holidays, weekend stays, social events, parties or for romantic stays. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. You can choose from all locations in our country. You will surely be pleased. So don't hesitate and come here we are waiting for you. We will not disappoint you. Rent Cottage-Happy holidays.

Satisfied Customer <

We strive to ensure that our customers are happy and relaxed. Renting Cottage-This is a satisfaction for our customers.

Mácha Lake Chalets

We improve and renovant the facilities for our holidaymakers. We care about your satisfaction and strive to do our utmost. Are you a school facility and looking for a suitable place for a school trip-stay? Chatky u Máchova Lake are unique!
Our Mácha lake huts are as created for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information that we will gladly answer. Do not worry, we will not erase you honey around your mouth. We will certainly not promise you such service or comfort, which you would then seek in vain!
Active holidays are not forgotten
Our devices-ie. Equipment for the use of sporting activities is suitable for both children from primary schools and for students in secondary schools. Holidays at Mácha's Lake in chalets is an excellent dot for the school year for pupils and students!

Do you reconstruct the apartment or build a house and look for quality interior doors?

Then there is a possibility for you to have such an inner door really fast-on! You can find here to buy beautifully and especially quality made doors at an affordable price and in addition very practical. A wide selection-this is primarily an advantage in that everyone chooses on this website. There's an inner door for every customer, whether he wants to arrange the apartment he wants. You will find the design of the designed and quality doors only in the assortment of the web shop! And not only the interior doors, but also the front door, you can choose this place according to your style and taste. Sliding doors, doors with glass panels-just the ones you want, everyone chooses. Check out!

Modern doors-interior and entrance for a great price at
Are you looking for a new interior door, because your old ones are already ancient, unfashionable and chiped, Okopané, simply destroyed? At, the door is available to you as you choose-the interior wing doors, decorative glass or full, entrance doors and other accessories. You can also choose a sliding or raking door, just the ones you choose. Moreover, for a very sympathic price. Your interior suddenly turns into a modern, if you take the right door-you are the basis. Also, if you are looking for an entrance door that creates the first impression when guests come to you, you can buy on for a very short time. The design of the door is entirely up to you-it can be tailored to you and completely according to your requirements and wishes. A wide range of entrance and interior doors offers an internet shop for a very nice price and for every interior. Everyone chooses here, too!

Sell Ice Cream

What better refreshment in such a great summer weather than a cool, chilled sweet ice cream? Thank God that there are so many kinds of ice cream in the whole Czech Republic-whether it is a scoop or a draught!
Never before have you eaten any such extraordinarly tasty ice cream that will be available in our season this summer! Adriagold, a unique Czech producer of the best ice cream, will offer you up to 62 species!
Tasty refreshment without remorse
Even those of you who watch the line do not have to write down some species. He thinks of you too. DIA or dietary types of ice cream have already built a place of honor in our market. So why not wish even in the period of dieting when it is so easy?

Luxurious Living walls and sets

Choose from a wide selection of living walls and sets to ensure a pleasant and modern look for your living room. No more unnecessary riding around the shops and hunting for individual pieces of furniture. Now you have everything together.
There's nothing simpler than finding everything you need in one single place. So it is with the choice of furniture for your new living room, which you have decided to recompile. Just look at the different types of living walls and kits, and choose the color of the wood that suits you, whether it's bud, oak or any other kind.
Quality material
When you have already decided to renovate your living room, you can also indulge in the quality material offered by our living walls and sets.

Accommodation Mountains

Lovers of winter sports are sure to know very well. is an ideal place for skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiing.

Provides quality accommodation in the beautiful natural surroundings of Šumava mountains near ski resorts and cross-country trails. The portal provides an up-to-date overview of accommodation Hory. It has modern ski resorts and a machine-adapted network of cross-country trails. Allows you to enjoy active holidays in any weather. See the section for an overview of current weather conditions. Accommodation Hory offers to rest and visit all its sites, such as. Zadov, iron ore, Špičák, Modrava, Lipno, Hojsova Stráž and many others.
In winter in Šumava

The mountain has been a popular place for skiers who are still happy to come back here for many years. is proven, reliable and above all an amazing place to spend free moments.

Showcase your Business

Our company offers you the security of business, advertising, work clothes and other textile goods. We can also arrange the realization of embroidery on textiles, according to your wishes. We are always happy to accommodate your requests.

The prices for textile printing, which we present on our site, are for your information and orientation only. We will only be able to make a contract after we have received your graphic materials for this textile printing. The final price will include preparation of print, sieves, films and manipulation.
Professional approach

If the total price of your order, both textiles and textile printing, will be higher than 5000 CZK (excluding VAT), you do not pay any postage. We are able to offer you a quality copy and professional approach.

Purchase quickly and conveniently

Are conference chairs just what you need now and need them in larger quantities? This is no problem if you enter our order with our company.

Make your order for conference chairs from the comfort of your office using on-line access to our company and choose exactly such chairs as they will be in your conference mistery. We provide a wide choice of assortment of these goods and you will surely choose the right one for you and even at very reasonable prices.

Purchase quickly and conveniently
The conference chairs, which you can order with us and buy you completely free, we will bring you to the address you specify, so you do not have to worry about anything else about your order. Visit our website and meet our offer. We are sure that you will be pleased with our company.